About Harlan


BFA,  Center For Creative Studies

MA, MFA,  Wayne State University



Harlan Lovestone (born in Detroit, Michigan) is a visual artist and multimedia artist who has exhibited regionally in various parts of the United States.

Harlan became enamored with pop culture and art during his childhood in Detroit, which eventually led him to study fine arts at the Center for Creative Studies and Wayne State University. In college, he began to experiment with analog video and appropriating images, which would both continue to be aspects of his work in the future.


Using humor and poignant messages, much of Lovestone’s art deals with introspective examination, social understanding, and forms of dialogue created via the context of painting, expressionism, multiculturalism, and new media forms.


Mr. Lovestone believes that art is an important aspect of humanity for its ability to be used to educate, heal as therapy, and renovate for community improvement. A proponent of public art, Harlan Lovestone is the founder of The Art Haus-  a unique arts driven project geared toward supporting positive community initiatives and developing a grassroots learning hub to Inspire imagination while providing tools and exchange of vocational skills , in order to foster good rapport among all artists and progressive thinkers bringing about a house full of creative ideas , practices and solutions to enrich society. 


In addition, Harlan Lovestone is a singer/songwriter, writer, poet, performance artist, and educator who works with youth.

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